Marcus Bonfanti to front new Ten Years After Lineup



It is one of the biggest pleasures of my life to announce that I will be fronting the new lineup of legendary band Ten Years After.

I will of course continue to tour as a solo artist as well, but I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of playing with these great musicians, and honouring the memory and genius of Alvin Lee and the body of music he created with this band.

I have been in rehearsals with them for the last few weeks getting the new set together, they are playing alot of material they haven’t played for decades and also some songs that have never been performed live before.

It’s been a great experience so far and i am really looking forward to getting out on the road with them and playing these great songs.

More information and tour dates can be found here –

Stone Me Sober music video

Screen Shot StoneMeSober Vid

Very pleased to announce that the new music video for Stone Me Sober from my latest album Shake The Walls, is now available to watch.
Once again I was lucky enough to work with my good friend Stuart Price who was the director of my last video (Cheap Whisky) and has once again done an incredible number on this one.
We were also so lucky to have 2 of the most incredible dancers I have ever watched, involved in this video.
Sarah Scott and Niko Modestine are Miss & Mr Pole Dance UK and are world renowned for their talents, we had a great day with them in an old barn in the middle of Surrey and you can see it all right here –



Winner of Best Acoustic Performer – British Blues Awards 2013

Marcus Bonfanti - Solo

A big thank you to everyone who voted for me in this years British Blues Awards.

It’s a huge honour to have won Best Acoustic Performer this year after winning Best Song in 2012.

I have put two new acoustic dates up on the Gig List at 2 of the venues I had a particularly good time at on my “Calm Before The Storm” solo tour back in February 2013.

First up I will be at The Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable on 21st September

Second I will be at The Chichester Inn, Chichester on 25th September

If you’d like to hear an acoustic track from my new album, then you can hear The Bittersweet on Paul Jones Radio 2 show at 11min 18seconds right here…

Thanks again and see you at a show soon…


On the Bob Harris show BBC 2, playing songs from my new album

Marcus Bonfanti & Bob Harris

Last weekend I was on the Bob Harris show on BBC Radio 2 playing songs from my new album and talking music with the man himself. We discussed what a genius Lowell George was and the benefits of being a small person with a massive voice.

Tune in and enjoy… (BBC says, this player will be up on their site for 30 days)

Emirates Airlines: Interview & Live Session

Marcus Bonfanti - Solo

Marcus Bonfanti - Solo

If you are lucky enough to be flying on the lovely Emirates Airlines in the coming months you can hear an Interview & live session I did for their in flight entertainment programme.

If like me tho you have no Emirates Air travel planned in the near future you can hear a little but of it here.

“So how’s this for a shot of a musician in the moment! We’re a sucker for seriously good geetar fingerpicking here at IFP, so we were delighted when British bluesman Marcus Bonfanti called in recently. He talked about the ideas behind new album ‘Shake The Walls’, discussed some of the blues greats that inspire him, and played an extraordinary acoustic set for us.

You can hear that interview in its entirety aboard Emirates from this month on ‘Music Junction’, just one of the shows we produce for the airlines’ award-winning ice system. But for an exclusive preview of this guy’s chops, just have a listen to this…” – IFP

BBC Radio 2 Live Preview of Shake The Walls

Marcus Bonfanti - Bob Harris - BBC 2 Radio

Marcus Bonfanti - Bob Harris - BBC 2 Radio

Here’s a quick update about a couple of live previews of Shake The Walls. 2 tunes from SHAKE THE WALLS previewed for the first time on BBC Radio 2 this weekend.

Bob Harris show Sunday Night (2h09m in)

Huey Morgan show Monday night (1h33m in)

Have a listen & if you like what you hear you can get the record from this link –

Here’s a free download of Cheap Whisky, also from my new album.