BBC Radio 2 Live Preview of Shake The Walls

Marcus Bonfanti - Bob Harris - BBC 2 Radio

Marcus Bonfanti - Bob Harris - BBC 2 Radio

Here’s a quick update about a couple of live previews of Shake The Walls. 2 tunes from SHAKE THE WALLS previewed for the first time on BBC Radio 2 this weekend.

Bob Harris show Sunday Night (2h09m in)

Huey Morgan show Monday night (1h33m in)

Have a listen & if you like what you hear you can get the record from this link –

Here’s a free download of Cheap Whisky, also from my new album.

My new album Shake The Walls is now available to pre-order

Marcus Bonfanti - Shake The Walls

Shake The Walls - Marcus Bonfanti (pre-order)

The day has finally arrived my new album Shake The Walls is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

This is my third full length album and its been a long old journey from my second record to get me here.

I started recording this album in July 2012 and have poured my heart and soul into it since then.

You’ll hear songs about hangovers that could kill you, girls that you love so much it sends you crazy, having to spend most of your life miles from home and many other things that have happened to me in the busiest and strangest 3 years if my life.

So if you like the sound of any of this head on over to Amazon by clicking this link and pre-order today!

If you sign up to the mailing list you’ll get a little taster of the album too…

See you out on the road and the upcoming gigs I got coming up with my band.

Guitar Techniques 60 Seconds with… interiew

Guitar Techniques 60 Seconds With Interview

Guitar Techniques 60 Seconds With Interview

Thanks to the good people at Guitar Techniques magazine for putting the interview we did in this months issue. Here’s a little piece of it but you’ll have to get hold of the magazine to see the answer to “what guitar solo i wish i’d played” and the rest of the questions…

PS there was no Limo it was an NW minicab (other cab companies are available but no where near as cheap and friendly!)

2 days till album pre-order day…

Jazz FM Acoustic Session for David Freeman

Jazz FM - Marcus Bonfanti Acoustic Session

Jazz FM - Marcus Bonfanti Acoustic Session

Great day at Jazz FM doin an acoustic session for David Freeman. It’s a real honour to do this session for David, if you haven’t heard of David Freeman – check this link out. The session will air in a few weeks time, I’ll make sure I’ll post the link on the blog, my Facebook and Twitter.

My new album ‘Shake The Walls’ will be available to preorder in 3 days (May 17th) tell your friends!

We’re back on the road with a brand new album coming…

Marcus Bonfanti - Shake The Walls

Yesterday me and the boys were trying to work out the last time we’d played a live show together as a band. We’ve been relentlessly touring for the last three years so the 6 months hiatus from gigs we’ve had seems like an age. In that time though, we’ve recorded the new album and I’ve come to see you all on my Acoustic Tour in February; I think I may have taken a day off in March at some point but no one can be sure.

One of the last shows we played in 2012 was at The Flowerpot in Derby and that is where we kick off this run of dates tonight. We will be previewing every single track from my new album “Shake The Walls” which is available to pre order this time next week (May 17th) as well as playing some tunes from my last two records too.

This is the first time we will be playing alot of these songs live so we been rehearsing hard to give you a proper show and you know we will…

Looking forward to seeing you all at the forthcoming gigs, they’re all listed on the website so check out when we’re coming near you and come get involved.

Take it easy

End of The Tour & New Album update

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see me on my “Calm Before The Storm” Acoustic tour last month. I gotta say it was some of the best audiences I’ve ever played to in my life. There were so many beautiful and crazy incidents along the way, I wish I had space to write them all down on here but I will put a few choice ones in my next email so if you wanna hear them, sign up to my mailing list at the top of the page…

If I could sum the tour up with 1 photo it would be this from my penultimate night in Glasgow, right at the end of the set and just before the bar brawl broke out…

So the new album is now mixed, mastered & the artwork has been settled on so very soon I will be telling you all exactly where and when you can get hold of it. There will be some sneak previews very soon so keep watching this space…

Until then, I got a few shows coming up where I will be previewing the new material with my band for the first time, grab yourself a couple of tickets and i’ll see you there…