Thanks to everyone who came to see me on the tour…

Marcus Bonfanti / UK Singer Songwriter / Hippodrome / London

So the UK tour finished up last Wednesday at The Chichester Inn and I gotta say it was my best tour yet and a big part of that was because of all of you. 22 dates and over half of them sold out, thank you all so much.
From Arts Centres’s to Country Pub’s, Tuesday nights in Battle to Saturday nights in Glasgow, each audience was a real pleasure to entertain. Sorry to those of you who missed out on tickets at some of the shows and thanks to everyone who bought my EP & DVD and all the great feedback I’ve received about it.
So let’s do this again sometime soon…

Borrowed Time Acoustic Tour Dates 7-11

Borrowed Time Dates 7-11

So we’ve hit the half way point of the UK tour and I gotta say it’s been incredible so far. Every show has been either sold out or thereabouts and the audiences i’ve had the pleasure of playing to have all been fantastic.So a week away from the tour now to play the Rock Legends Cruise with Ten Years After, i think thats gonna be some fun…
Then I pick back up for dates 11-15 which takes me up north to Scotland where I always have a good show and a real good time, also to Southport and a great theatre they have there and a second trip to Cumbria another place I only seem to ever have good shows.

The new ‘Borrowed Time’ EP & DVD  has also got itself some nice reviews from people who have been to the shows and you can read some…

here –

and here –


See you on the next leg of the tour…

UK tour dates 5 & 6

Borrowed Time Dates 5 & 6

Well, i wasn’t sure how the first four dates of the tour could be bettered but dates 5 & 6 have done it…
2 sold out shows in Milton Keynes & King’s Somborne and another 2 fantastic audiences to play to.
The new material is going down great and the new album and DVD continue to fly off the march stand quicker than my tour manager can put them on display!

Milton Keynes – The Stables… I always love playing this venue and have played the main theatre many times as a sideman for some great artists. This was my third show in Room 2 and most definitely my best. All the staff there are great and looked after me far too well (I rolled out of there pretty late and pretty happy).

King’s Somborne – The Somborne Sessions… Another gem of a venue that I’d never played before and also a place I would’ve struggled to point to on a map before this show. Now though I can’t wait to come back and play this venue again. Great organisers, sound system, venue and audience also the place where Worzel Gummidge was filmed. Need I say more.

Back out for five more shows after a few days back in London. See you out there…

UK Tour the first four dates…

Borrowed Time First 4 Dates

Thanks to everyone who has come out to see me so far on this Solo UK tour, i’ve been treated to some amazing audiences and enjoyed every minute of each show.

Newbury – Arlington Arts… A lovely Arts centre and a real appreciative audience, lovely to have some of my friends from Ten Years After & The Dire Straits Experience in the audience too.

Ledbury – The Prince of Wales… An afternoon tearup if ever there was one, great venue rammed full of people up for a good time on a Sunday afternoon. Great to have my friend Trevor Steger from Babajack up to blow some harp on a few tunes too.

Bracknell – The Cellar Bar… A beautiful room to play a show in, you barely need the PA on in this lovely stone Cellar Bar and its a good job as the sound man missed his flight home so me & my manager did it. Another really appreciative audience who didn’t mind sitting almost on top of each other to all fit in, i bet some new friendships were made that night.

Mytchett – The Midnight Special… A great club run by Dave and Nick and another beautiful audience (i’m getting spoiled here) good fun jamming some Broonzey & Sonny Terry tunes at the end with the guys to celebrate their 1st year as a club. I can also point to Mytchett on a map now, bet you can’t! But you should its a great place.


So thats the tour so far, uneventful travel and a great show every night, just how i like it, see you on the next leg…

UK Tour, new EP & DVD previewed in this video

Promo Video Screen Capture

So with less than a week to go until the first date of my UK Solo Acoustic Tour here’s a little preview of the new EP and DVD i will be releasing on this tour. Both the EP & DVD will be only on sale at the gigs for now and all the dates and links to buy tickets can be found on the ‘live shows’ tab on this website.
See you there